California’s Record Rainfall Provides Reclaimed Water Sources for Bees

bees need water

California has experienced a bonanza of rain, which provides relief from the hovering drought conditions typical to the state. What is the best use of all this water, and how can it be reclaimed and used to bring value to the state’s agriculture and ecosystems? California leads the way when it comes to water conservation and environmental efforts, so finding ways to use rainwater will extend its’ usefulness. One widespread use for reclaimed rainwater is providing a purposeful water source to bees and other pollinators.

Bees are critical to the state’s food production, agriculture, and pollination process. Bees need to stay hydrated to survive, like all living things, so that they will find water one way or another. Many people do not know that if you provide water sources for bees, they will use them and not end up where they are not wanted, like a pool or pet water bowl.

Plants Contain Some Water, But Not Enough for Bees

Californians are diligent about planting bee-friendly plants. And this can be a consistent and dependable source of water for bees. However, plants alone are not sufficient to hydrate bees, and this is why they seek other sources of water. Morning dews attract bees as they can safely sit and slurp what is on the leaves. Sprayers also provide enough water without putting bees in risky water situations where they may drown because bees can’t swim!

Provide Water for Bees Away from People and Pets

Instead of being frustrated with bees in the pool or water bowl, place an accessible water source in an area of your property that is away from people and pet traffic. Bees will take advantage of an easy-to-access and safe water source. People can do a few things to deter bees that do not include the use of pesticides and giving them a good water source is a significant one! Bees actually use their smell to find water, and how much they need depends on pollen sources. However, once a water source is decided upon, the scout bees go back and do a dance to tell all the other bees the good news!

Bees Like Dirty Water

Although people find bees in pools often, they do not prefer chlorinated water. Actually, bees prefer water that is a little dirty. A little bit of algae adds nutrients to the water, adding a bonus for our buzzing friends. If the algae thing doesn’t sit right with you, adding salt to the water will also attract bees because they can smell sodium! Whatever the water source, bees can’t swim, as mentioned, so a stick or sponge gives them a resting place while they slurp away and hydrate. Even cork is an excellent floating device for bees, so if you need something to do with those wine corks, put one in a bucket of water away from your home.

Warm Weather Is On The Way

Spring is undeniably one of the most beautiful seasons in California, but it also indicates that summer is around the corner. Southern California can have several days in a row that are above 100 degrees. As the weather is consistently warmer, bees start the search for a continuous and reliable water source. Once the bees find a source, they quickly use it regularly, so establishing one where you want it helps avoid unnecessary hardship to the bees or people. Water sources may also be shared between hives since this activity is not an aggressive activity for bees because bees are not protecting the queen or a hive. If you have the opportunity to watch bees drink water, it is fascinating as their little bodies slurp up water and their tummies expand. However, if you want to avoid getting that close, or have a beehive that is a concern, call a professional bee removal company that can help remove and relocate the hive safely and humanely.

In a state that deals with drought and keeps water conservation at the forefront of legislative measures, rain can be an incredible opportunity to set up catchers, reclaim water and utilize this free gift for many things. One of the easiest ways to collect rainwater is by having a vessel at the base of a rain gutter. Reclaimed water is an excellent source that can be used to provide water for bees and other pollinators, as Southern California braces for a dry and warm summer. If you encounter unusual bee activity or have a beehive on your property that needs to be removed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTek Live Bee Removal for same-day service. Offering the most complete service, DTek is unmatched in the quality of work provided when it comes to bee or beehive removal and bee repair services.